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Fashion Aesthetics Around NOVA

Fashion is a very personal thing, it could relate to a group you are in, favorite colors, feelings, even gender expression. What type of fabrics they are and how you put them together can really help you express yourself without even having to talk. I recently went around NOVA and asked some students what kinds of fashion they like expressing themselves with, or wish they could express themselves with.

Floral is a recurring pattern that many people at Nova tend to like. So far I haven’t found anyone who is into any specific type of merch–or has said that they were into it–except for anime or graphic tees. Also a few people don’t focus on fashion much at all and just look at it like only the basics. It is totally different to each person but if you look in a friend group you can see that they look a bit similar but each person has a slight different way they put their own spin on things. Continue reading Fashion Aesthetics Around NOVA


Soundtracks and music made for and made from movies are a very important part of the storytelling process.

Most of the popular songs are from genres like animation, fantasy and adventure movies and shows. most of those types of movies and shows are more fast paced and exciting so I’m not that surprised that a lot of people’s favorite songs are from those genres. Continue reading Soundtracks

Most Popular Genres At NOVA according to Favorite shows/Movies



I went around Nova and asked 41 people what their favorite movies/shows were and what genre that show/movie is to see the most popular genre at Nova, Not much of a surprise to see that the Biggest one is Comedy, with Drama and Sci-fi films following. Some shows from the three most popular Genres are Napoleon Dynamite, Breakfast Club, The X files, Doctor Who, and Scott Pilgrim V.S. The World.