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Beauty and the Beast Review

I’ll admit it. I’m a total sucker for all the live action Disney remakes. I know it’s nowhere near great art and at the end of the day is a ploy to feed the mousy mega-corporation’s never ending lust for ridiculous amounts of money, but damn that’s not gonna stop me from having fun. So when my mom asked if I wanted to go see Beauty and the Beast with her friend it seemed like a great way to kill a few hours. Continue reading Beauty and the Beast Review

How I Practice

I’ve been playing violin since I was six and while I’m certainly not the best or most dedicated musician in the world it’s taught me a lot about hard work and how I learn. The core of mastering any skill is practice and dedication and while people usually seem to know this there are some prevalent myths about how to practice correctly. So I thought I’d share a little bit about how I personally like to practice violin. Continue reading How I Practice

Bambi review

With the resurgence of the live action Disney remakes and my need for entertainment during the pre-spring break busy work push, I’ve been going back to the animated classics as a mindless break from school and college application stress. While most of these movies are just fun, simple stories with songs about chasing your dreams and never giving up, Bambi has really stood out to me as a very thoughtful, more quiet movie that requires a bit more thought and patience to enjoy. Continue reading Bambi review

I like Farm Class

I decided to take Farm this semester on a whim. I needed occ-Ed credit and I was in Susan’s room to sign up for another class so I figured why not. I thought it would be a low-key review of biology and a chance to get outside: underwhelming and not very exciting. However I was surprised at the first class when I learned how complicated it would be. We had to learn about seeds and when and how to plant them; different types of soil; how to journal and map out what was happening in the garden; how we would clean up and utilize the garden and greenhouse; what different chemicals plants needed, how they got them, and how much was too much. Continue reading I like Farm Class

Elementary My друг Watson

Sherlock Holmes has seen quite a resurgence in popularity over the last few years. From the action movies directed by Guy Ritchie to the contemporary take on the immortal characters of Holmes and Watson in Sherlock and Elementary. One recent version of Sherlock Holmes you might not have heard about is the 2013 Russian television show starring Igor Petrenko and Andrey Panin, simply called Sherlock Holmes. Continue reading Elementary My друг Watson

Another Alternative School

Here at Nova we know how important it is to find a school that’s a good fit for each of our individual learning styles and needs. I know myself and many of you found just the right school at Nova but I was interested in getting to know what it’s like at some other alternative high schools. I interviewed my friend Elizabeth, a junior at Northshore Networks, a public partial-homeschooling network in Bothell, about what her school experience is like.

Continue reading Another Alternative School

Escape Rooms

You’re locked in a room with only an hour to find the hidden clues around you and piece them together to find the key to your release. While it may sound like like something from a movie it is in fact one of the most popular and fast-growing segments of the real-life gaming industry. The premise of escape rooms is simple: you get locked in a room with puzzles and clues integrated into the design of the decorations and furnishings that you and your team must solve to find your way out before the hour on the clock is up. These immersive gaming experiences are gaining popularity all over the globe and can be found in many different countries, from the US to the UK to China and beyond.

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