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Content Warning: Violent Images

Recently King of the Kill style games have been making their way into the spotlight of computer gaming, as well as the view of YouTubers and streamers. But one game in particular has become extremely popular, and that game is known as H1Z1. Continue reading H1Z1

Destiny 2

Destiny was an extremely anticipated game before its release in September of 2014. I remember going into Gamestop to preorder it months before its release, and I still remember taking my first steps in its beautifully crafted simulated world. But that was over three years ago and for the game is starting to loose some of its fan bases attention, so one can imagine how excited people were when word began to spread about Destiny 2. Continue reading Destiny 2

Zombies Chronicles

Since 2003 the Call of Duty franchise has defined the first person shooter or FPS video game genre. In 2008 Infinity Ward and Treyarch(two of the franchise’s creators) released Call of Duty World at War, with its release they also began the installment of the fan favorite game mode Zombies. Zombies puts 1-4 players into a map where they face unending waves the undead, and since World at War the zombies game mode has been included in almost every Call of Duty game. Continue reading Zombies Chronicles