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Gaming, a new evolution of sports

For a very long time sports have been seen as something that involved a lot of physical movement and coordination: basketball, football, baseball, etc. But recently humanity has been redefining what it considers to be a sport. Video games have become such a big part of people’s lives and almost everyone has played or seen one, they have become such a big deal that people have started creating jobs around just simply playing them. An example is the YouTuber PewDiePie, he has made a living just simply playing video games with commentary of himself laid over the top. Since the creation of his YouTube channel he has been seen by billions of people every year and makes around 4 million dollars every year. I don’t know about you but I think that is crazy. But he isn’t the only one. YouTube has become a way for hundreds of thousands of people to post videos about gaming as well as other things and a lot of them make money doing so. It has gotten big enough that companies will sponsor the YouTubers and pay them money or give them free products. Continue reading Gaming, a new evolution of sports

Roles of the U.S. Military

Throughout my time as a student at Nova I have had some conversations about the Army and its roles due to the fact that I am part of  the Army’s Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps, as well as my general interest in the military. Through these conversations I found that the students only knew about the Army’s role as a combat force, so I decided that I wanted to educate the community about the other roles of the United States Military. Continue reading Roles of the U.S. Military