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Coachella is a music festival held just outside Palm Springs in Indio, California over the course of two weekends. Weekend One of Coachella 2017 was April 14-16th. I went with two of my friends from New York and a group of 10-15 of my friends from Malibu. We all had amazing three days that will we never forget. Between the music, fashion and art, Coachella creates an amazing creative atmosphere that makes it physically impossible to not have fun. Here’s a short review of my favorite shows….. Continue reading Coachella

Seattle Union Gospel Mission (UGM)

Seattle Union Gospel Mission (UGM) provides emergency care and long-term recovery for homeless people in the greater Seattle area.  It started almost 80 years ago as a soup kitchen. UGM still helps the homeless but in more ways than ever. One way UGM helps the homeless throughout our city is with a program called the Search & Rescue. My family began volunteering with UGM’s Search & Rescue program about three years ago and since then we have become part of the UGM family and met some of the most amazing people living on the streets of Seattle. Continue reading Seattle Union Gospel Mission (UGM)

My Struggle with Depression

s part of the Nova community I know that many students like myself struggle with Depression, one of the hardest things to do is recognize what is affecting your mental health and what needs to be done to fix it. This is the story of how I realized my depression was taking over my life and how I decided to fix it.


Approximately  20 percent of teens experience depression by adulthood. It’s safe to say all of us know what it’s like to feel depressed or have depression. When depression hits hard everything feels so bad, everything feels like a heavy weight on your back and life keeps taking swings at you but in those moments many of us fight back so hard to not remember times we felt happy. Continue reading My Struggle with Depression