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It’s time to start thinking about Dead Rats XC. Cross Country will kick off in the fall for its second season. All are welcome. PE credit available. Interested students should come chat with Julia. No running experience necessary. Stay tuned for more info regarding an info meeting for returning and prospective runners. Check out the bulletin board outside of Julia’s room for more info, to view the team singlet, and fun pics form last year.


The Naked Truth on Stereotypes class is gearing up for their culminating performance for the whole school! 

We’re asking the whole school to gather in the cafeteria at 1:45pm on Mon, June 5th to support and be wowed by your fellow students who will share a special performance of their poetry and work over the semester.

Beginning in a few weeks, NT will be practicing in the cafeteria during the 2:35-4:00block on M/W. We are putting out this request now: we need assistance with setting up a mic & speakers from students/staff in the know about that equipment (for school service!) for rehearsals & the final performance. Interested students, please see Melissa.

Download the YCTP Summer Applicationhttp://www.seattle.gov/Documents/Departments/ParksAndRecreation/Programs/Teens/Summer%202017%20YCTP%20Application%20Fillable%20PDF.pdf

APPLICATION DEADLINE:  Saturday, May 13, 2017 (applications can be emailed, but require parent signatures and multiple forms, which take TIME to complete!)

YCTP works to engage youth before they graduate to develop their critical thinking and technical skills to prepare them for the 21st Century job market. Internships are available for youth ages 14 – 19 years old in fields such as athletics, fashion design, digital media, and cooking. Available internships change depending on the quarter with the majority being offered during the summer. Contact YCTP coordinator by emailing Monique Calderon at Monique.Calderon@seattle.gov or calling 206-225-0082. Applicants will be contacted about possible internship opportunities based on their skills and interests outlined in their application packet. 

FULL participation in the program (meeting ALL attendance requirements) will award students a stipend of $599.  NO partial stipends are given, so if you don’t show up consistently, you won’t get any money.

Download the STEP Summer Applicationhttp://www.seattle.gov/Documents/Departments/ParksAndRecreation/Programs/Teens/2017STEPSummerApplicationFinal.pdf

DEADLINE: Wednesday, May 17th by 5 pm (applications MUST be RECEIVED via mail by this date!! Applications include parent signature and TWO recommendation forms!!)

STEP is a project-based job readiness program that has teams of high school students ages 14-19 addressing a community need. STEP incorporates activities and training focused on job readiness soft skills, life skills, and leadership.

Participants involved in this intensive summer program will learn about issues affecting their communities and then design their own project to take action.  Teams of youth will learn about environmental and social justice issues.

As part of a team, participants will work collaboratively while gaining leadership and pre-employment skills.

  • Meet new friends and network with mentors in the community
  • Work collaboratively on a team
  • Gain leadership, life, and pre-employment skills
  • Take fun field trips around the city and in nature

You must successfully complete 120 program hours to be eligible for a $599 stipend.*This is an inclusive program, students in Transition programs qualify to apply.

Questions? Please contact: teen.programs@seattle.gov

Download the YES! Summer Applicationhttp://www.seattle.gov/Documents/Departments/ParksAndRecreation/Programs/Teens/2017YESSummerApplicationFinal.pdf

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Wednesday, May 17th by 5 pm (applications require parent signature and ONE referral form!!)

YES is a job readiness and leadership development program for youth ages 13-18 that will connect you to a broad range of service and training opportunities preparing you for the working world. You will be placed with an adult mentor at a Parks and Recreation site such as a park or community center. You can earn service hours for your high school graduation requirement and receive a stipend of $150.
Questions? Please contact: teen.programs@seattle.gov

Download the SOS Summer Applicationhttp://www.seattle.gov/Documents/Departments/ParksAndRecreation/Programs/Teens/2017SOSSummerApplicationFinal.pdf

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Wednesday, May 17th by 5 pm (applications require parent signature and a letter of interest!!)

The SOS program will help you make a difference in your community while gaining leadership and work skills. Participants will collaborate on a team-based project and learn about the natural environment.

Participants involved in this intensive summer program will learn about issues affecting their communities and then design their own project to take action.  Teams of youth will learn about environmental and social justice issues.

As part of a team, participants will work collaboratively while gaining leadership and pre-employment skills.

  • Meet new friends and network with mentors in the community
  • Work collaboratively on a team
  • Gain leadership, life, and pre-employment skills
  • Take fun field trips around the city and in nature

Upon completion of SOS, you will receive a $150 stipend. Students entering 9th grade in the fall can also accumulate 15 hours of community service towards their high school graduation requirement.

Questions? Please contact: teen.programs@seattle.gov

Wellness is going to sponsor the First Annual Eat Pie Faster Than Others Contest.  So, each Coor needs to pick a representative and a couple back ups for this extraordinary competition.  Volunteers cannot have any food allergies or be vegan.  Pies and whipped cream will be provided.

We will let you know when the competition will be as soon as the staff work out a good Coor time for it.

If you have any questions please contact Terrance or Mike.


Please help us spread the word about our upcoming OutSpoken training onSaturday, April 22nd from 1:30pm-5:30pm in Columbia City at our Community Engagement Space!  The flier is attached – please distribute it far and wide! 

And, for those who can’t make it, know that there will be another training happening in May, hosted by UW’s Q-Center! 

Thank you so much!

Brennon Ham  (pronouns: Brennon/they/them)
Youth Leadership Development &
Community Engagement Program Coordinator

p. (206) 568-7777 | f. (206) 325-2601
The Northwest Network of Bisexual,
Trans, Lesbian and Gay Survivors of Abuse

P.O. Box 18436 Seattle, WA 98118


Here is the notice about the final opera performance of this year.   It’s  $8 a ticket, and Budget is prepared to provide scholarships for current students who would like to attend but cannot afford it.  (Talk to me, Christina, about this and I’ll make it happen without a Big Deal.)  This is not an Official School Field Trip.  That means that students provide their own transportation to and from Seattle Center, and we are not (officially) responsible for their safety.  

    The Opera is a cool experience.   The hall is grand and beautiful.   The orchestra is LIVE.   The seats are way up close in the expensive (normally) seats so you can see the faces of the people who are singing and their amazing costumes.   There are supertitles provided so you always know what they’re singing about.   If a person wants to dabble in the experience, that’s acceptable, too, as  they could leave at the intermission if they are tired or disinterested.  

     If you’d like to give your coor a sense of what this is, try the link to this video: http://www.seattleoperablog.com/p/spotlight-on-magic-flute.html
If you scroll down just a tad you’ll find a video of the Queen of the Night aria.  

Here’s the Official Invitation: 
Members of the Nova Community (current and former students, their families, their friends) are invited to see a dress rehearsal of Mozart’s opera, “The Magic Flute” on Wednesday, May 3, 7 pm  at McCaw Hall at Seattle Center.   The tickets are $8 for adults or students.  All are invited; scholarships are available to current students.   Please confirm by email (chwright@seattleschools.org) and send/deliver a check for $8 per person to Christina Wright in her mail box at Nova.   Please get your orders in and your checks delivered by Monday, May 1.   THANKS!

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that Writers in the Schools and Seattle Arts and Lectures is opening admissions for our third annual Seattle Youth Poet Laureate Contest! The Seattle Youth Poet Laureate program seeks to celebrate the work of passionate, engaged young poets, writers and activists who use their art to advocate for issues close to their heart. Our panel of esteemed judges will select 8 finalist to perform at the Northwest Folklife Festival’s Commencement Performance on Saturday, May 27th, where the winner will be announced and honored. The winner of the Youth Poet Laureate Title will receive a book deal, mentorship from published writers to support their first collection of poems and chances to perform and tour throughout the city. Finalists will be a part of a cohort that will also receive opportunities throughout the year. 


  • Seattle Youth Poet Laureate Program celebrates the work of student writers and activists ages 14-19. 
  • Eligible genres include poetry, spoken word, rap and writing (performers poetry may be submitted as videos)
  • Application materials are due April 24th. 

If you know a talented young poet who is invested in the Seattle community, and who want a broad platform for their voice to be heard, see the attached booklet on how to apply and pass the information along. Good luck to you students!

All the best,

Nichole Coates
Program Associate with Writers in the Schools
Seattle Arts & Lectures
206-621-2230 ext 20
340 15th Ave E, Suite 301
Seattle, WA 98112

2017 Youth Poet Laureate Application


OLS at Bellevue College Presents the First Annual COLLEGE BOUND Resource Fair for Students with Disabilities

Open to 10th-12th Graders, High School Grads, Parents, Educators, and Service Providers

May 6, 2017, 9:00-2:00 Bellevue College Main Campus

9am – 12pm: Breakout Sessions

  • Deciding to Attend College
  • College Programs for Adults with Disabilities
  • Preparing for College Life
  • Disability Services & Support
  • Parent Preparation
  • “Being You” – A documentary film by Roadtrip Nation

12pm – 2pm: Booths

College Programs, Disability Services, Independent Living Coaches, Independent Educational Consultants
Interpreter services and alternate formats available. Request by April 1, 2017.

Bellevue College does not discriminate on the basis of race or ethnicity; creed; color; national origin; sex; marital status; sexual orientation; age; religion; genetic information; the presence of any sensory, mental, or physical disability; or veteran status in educational programs and activities which it operates…. Please see policy 4150 at www.bellevuecollege.edu/policies/.

For more information or to RSVP now, visit:  www.bellevuecollege.edu/ols/college-bound

Myrna B. Muto
Career & Technical Education Guidance Specialist
Career & College Readiness /Career & College Specialist Coordinator
206-252-0731     fax
MS  31-671


All students that would like to attend Nova must attend to an orientation. Nova is not hosting orientations for the fall. Call 206-252-3500 and leave a message to sign up. 

(updated by Mothership Fall 2016)

To be responsible for yourself in our community:

  • be mindful
  • share your thoughts and leave room for other people to share theirs
  • sit with discomfort but not injustice
  • speak from I (avoid generalizing other people’s experience/beliefs and/or being a condescendy pants)
  • be thoughtful about your language because language has consequences (Discrimination based on race, class, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion and/or mental or physical disability is illegal and not tolerated here. Slurs related to these forms of discrimination as well as language and jokes that minimize sexual and physical violence will have serious consequences in our community.)
  • explain don’t shame
  • practice clear consent (Treat people the way they want to be treated, ask them if you don’t know and listen when they explain.)
  • be sober
  • be thoughtful about broadcasting your personal business (Be aware that folks have different levels of comfort when it comes to talking about sex, drugs/alcohol and other personal biz as well as public displays of affection.)To support each other in our community:
  • welcome people
  • follow the visitor policy and bring your visitors up to speed about what safety means at Nova
  • when you see people at Nova you don’t recognize ask them to check in with the office
  • help each other to be accountable
  • leave Nova and Nova spaces nicer than you found them

At Nova we respect that people can be upset and uncomfortable about the content of curriculum, discussions and media that is used and shared in classes. We work to be clear in course descriptions and by giving warnings to students ahead of time about potentially upsetting material. We simultaneously work to support students to make good choices for themselves when picking classes and in advocating for themselves when they need an alternative assignment. Students with extreme sensitivities should work with their coordinator to make sure courses are appropriate before signing up for them, as once a course is in motion the student might have to find a new course if their sensitivities keep them from being able to participate in a significant amount of the course activities. For example, if someone has an extreme phobia and they sign up for a course that is a film study related to that phobia the class will not be changed and the student will need to find a new class. If the same student was in another class where that phobia related to one essay, the student and coordinator could work toward creating an alternative assignment as long as they clearly communicate and negotiate that with the teacher.

Check out: https://novaprojectptsa.org 

The Nova Project

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