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Art of Writing: Prompt #7, Terrible Characters

Today we are going to have some fun complaining. Think about what you can’t stand in characters you read or see through another form of media.  What are the things that make you sigh, throw up your hands, close the book, turn off the TV?  

We are going to explore what makes a badly created character.

1) Make a list of all the things or traits that drive you crazy or make you super bored about characters. What are things that simply make them badly written/created characters. Spend no more than 10 minutes doing this.

2) Write a bad characters story (Write for at least 30 minutes)

Yes, write a story with characters that are everything you can’t stand in a character.  So, write a story including at least two characters that are badly created. The challenge is to use as many of the terrible things/aspects/traits of a created character that you wrote down on your list from Step 1.  If you use them all then you win! 

So, if you win, go to whomever is in charge of your household and tell them they have to get you a puppy.  If they refuse then tell them a food treat is a good second place prize.  Guilt is your friend in this competition!!!!

Again, you are writing a story in which you are going to include as many of the items on the list you created about “bad” characters into the characters in your story.

Tomorrow, you are going to use these same characters to write THE WORST STORY EVER!!!!

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