Announcements: 4/8/20

New Announcements:

For some reason, I already put in all of the announcements for today in yesterday’s article. You can find it here.

Daily Prompts:

Art of Writing: Prompt #6, random genre story

Today, you are going to write a story in a random genre using the two characters you created on Monday.  If you are just joining this “class” today, go back to prompt #4 (here) and create two characters.

Here is what to do today.  This can be as serious or as humorous as you want.  Have fun with it.

1) Take a six-sided die and roll it.  Whatever you get below is the genre of story you will write.

  1. Sci Fi
  2. Western
  3. Horror
  4. Fan Fiction
  5. Teen Romance
  6. Superhero

2) Think about all the things that might appear in the genre you are now going to write.  You can write them down if that is easier, but it is good to prepare yourself a little beforehand.

3) Write a story in your random genre that includes the two characters you created on Monday.  You can go through the same steps we went through yesterday during Prompt #5 (here) to structure your story.  In fact, you could even take everything that happened in that story and now write it in the random genre you got today. 

You do not have to write a “dialogue story” for this prompt but you are more than welcome to.

Write for at 30 minutes.  Try to use all this time.  Remember, the idea is not to try to write your story as fast as you can and be done, but to practice taking time to write your story – to build your endurance for writing and thinking in this creative way.

4) Edit your story.  Again, a good way to do this, and a good practice to start, is by reading whatever you write out loud as if you were reading it to another person.  You will pick up so many little things that you thought you did or didn’t do or need to alter or respell, etc.

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