Announcements: 4/7/20

New Announcements:

Looking for learning opportunities and resources organized by subject area? We moved them all into the resources section on Schoology.  Click on the top of your screen on resources. Then click on the left where it says groups and find Nova Announcements and Opportunities and click on that. Now you will see folders for each subject area. Enjoy!

Daily Prompts:

First, watch this video. Then, Make a list of mundane task that you find yourself bored or annoyed by and/or are just simply tired of doing. Pick a task and think of the most ridiculously complex way you could perform that task and either draw, diagram, explain or actually build your device. 

What’s your favorite (school appropriate) meme you are laughing at these days?

Art of Writing:

Yesterday, you should have created two characters.  We will be using these two characters for a few stories here and there.  You will definitely be using them today. Today you are going to write a “dialogue story”. Dialogue is when two or more characters speak with each other. A dialogue story is when the great majority of the story is written in dialogue.  

You can use dialogue to convey action (and in this example, a possible conflict in the story): “Hey, why did you take my coffee?” asked Terrance, as he raised both arms into the air.

To bring out characterization: “I took it because if I don’t drink coffee every ten minutes I begin to see Cthulhu emerging from the depths of the Earth,” replied Eyva, who then started guzzling the hot beverage.

To convey emotion and thought:  “That sounds really scary. I didn’t know that. Drink up.” Terrance moved to the counter to order another four coffees.

Now, not only were these examples, but they also demonstrated some of the ways you punctuate for dialogue. Study that, please.   

Another important aspect is using a traditional dialogue format.  Each time a new character talks then give them a new paragraph. If the character talks for a long time about different subjects, then you should create paragraphs for that too. Just don’t close the dialogue with quotation marks at the end of a paragraph that does not finish the speech.  Only use the final quotation marks at the end of the speech.

Okay, so now what about that prompt?

1)  Pick a setting that your two characters can go to.  If you are having trouble doing it or would like this challenge then try this prompt:  Have your two characters meet at a mall and go to Claire’s or Hot Topic (or some other store).  This might be totally something you would never think your characters would do, but now you have put them in an interesting situation.

2)  Come up for a reason they are in that setting.  All of this can be conveyed through dialogue.  If you go with the Claire’s or Hot Topic setting then have them go in so either one or both can purchase something.  You can have them go there together, meet up there, have gone separately but then accidentally come across each other.  They can either know each other beforehand or not.  Your choices of course.

3)  Come up with a conflict.  Are your two characters in conflict with each other, with a clerk in the store/setting, Cthulhu appears, zombies – your choice (have fun).

4)  Again, it isn’t that you can’t write action in a dialogue story, it is just that you want to limit it as much as possible.  So, remember, try to convey most of the story through dialogue.  Remember, as you are writing this story you can introduce other characters (the clerk or Cthulhu for example) and they can speak too.  Remember, dialogue is a conversation between two OR MORE characters.

5)  Have your two characters resolve that conflict somehow, someway.

6)  I would like you to do everything you can to write for 30 minutes.  Yes, 30 minutes.  Give yourself time to write a longer story today.

7)  When you are done, go back over your story by reading it aloud.  Use different voices for fun.  As you read it out loud, see if what you have written works or makes sense.  This is a great way to edit your story.  I do it every single time I write anything.

8)  Have fun!  It is your story.

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