Announcements: 4/3/20

Daily Prompt(s):

Draw or write about something that has made you laugh or smile recently! BONUS: Share with a friend or family member and see if it makes them happy too 🙂

Art of Writing:

Let’s start using characters for our stories, but like any good writer, we are going to steal. Yup, steal.

1) Think of TWO CHARACTERS from any medium you want – books, television, the movies, manga, comics, etc.  

2) Write down everything you can think of that make those two characters who they are:  physical appearance, likes and dislikes, how they treat others, some of their philosophies, a few of their mannerisms.  Spend no more than TEN MINUTES doing this.

3)  Now, pick a setting that these two characters can either meet up at or run into each other or even suddenly be there at.  This can be a made-up setting from any made-up story or it could be a real life place like Greenlake or the bus stop by where you live.  Make sure to use details to describe it.

4)  Now, I am going to add something I would like you to try and use.  While your characters are in that setting I would like you to have them do something good.  This could be anything from saving a cat in a tree to stopping climate change.  This is where choosing the characters you did becomes quite interesting.  Suppose you chose two characters that usually don’t do “good” things.  Well, now you have for something that could be quite comical or profound.

5) Please spend at least 20 minutes writing your story.  Make sure to GIVE IT A TITLE. 

Try to use all 20 minutes.  Remember, the point isn’t to finish the story as fast as possible.  Give yourself time to write.  It is okay to stop and think.  Remember, this is all practice.  More importantly, have a lot of fun with this.

New Announcements:


Like to code? Join youth across the country who like the same thing, and share and learn from your experience! Find out more here.


Need food or grocery resources? Here are places you can get them, no ID or documentation required.

Central District: Feed the People, 1800 E. Yesler St. Food pick-up 10am-6pm daily, delivery 2pm-4pm. Musang, 2524 Beacon Ave. S. Call to confirm pickup time, 206) 708-6871

Downtown Seattle: Occidental Square Park, free hot food every Sunday at 4:30pm

SODO: Northwest Harvest 1915 4th Ave. S. Free groceries Monday 1:30-7:30pm, Wednesday and Friday 8:00am- 2:00pm.

South Park: Resistencia Coffee Free Community Breakfast, 1249 S Cloverdale St. Mon-Fri 8 am-10am

Rainier Beach: Rainier Beach Community Center Plaza, free hot lunches Tues-Thurs 11:30am-1pm

Beacon Hill: That Brown Girl Cooks, 2822 Martin Luther King Jr. Way. Food pickup 12pm-6pm

Renton: Emergency Feeding Program, 851 Houser Way N., Ste. Renton, WA 98057. Drive-through only (they load in car). 3pm-4pm by last name: Monday A-I, Tues J-R, Weds S-Z


Financial Resources:

Unemployment: Create Secure Access Washington Account –needed to apply for unemployment.

Apply for Partial Unemployment Benefits (if you have lost work hours due to COVID-19)

For additional support with unemployment benefits if you were laid off or put on leave due to Covid19, call 1-800-318-6022 with: your employment end date, an explanation of how COVID-19 affected your layoff, ask them to approve you manually if denied online

Rental Assistance: Evictions are halted until April 17th. Sign up for info on United Way of King County Rental Assistance here. Here is information about rental assistance programs in Seattle and King County

Seattle Area Mutual Aid Groups: Mutual aid is a community movement in which we take responsibility for caring for one another directly. Most funds have a request form or process for funds that can be used for rent, food, etc.

Utilities: There are no utility or light shutoffs during the COVID-19 Civil Emergency in Seattle. SPU and SCL customers can request a deferred payment plan with the utilities by calling (206) 684-3000. The Utility Discount Program is income eligible – it can lower Seattle City Light bills by 60 percent and Seattle Public Utility bills by 50 percent. Their number is (206) 684-0268.

Internet: Comcast is offering ‘Internet Essentials’ package free until at least May 12, 2020: Sign Up for Free Internet 1-855-846-8376 for English and 1-855-765-6995 for Spanish. SPS is offering free wifi for students, find out more here.


This site has trans specific resources including mental health hotlines and resources for those who had to postpone transition steps during COVID-19. It also includes some social supports.


Here is a list with a bunch of online mediation groups. POC and queer specific ones are at the end of the list


Astro (Recovery Counselor and Nova WAPI partner) is available for telehealth recovery support. Check schoology or email Eyva for contact information.


Comcast has opened all business WiFi spots to everyone during COVID-19. Xfinity WiFi hotspots located in businesses and outdoor locations across the country will be available to anyone who needs them for free – including non-Xfinity Internet subscribers. Here is a map of Xfinity WiFi hotspots. Once at a hotspot, select the “xfinitywifi” network name in the list of available hotspots and then launch a browser.

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