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Draw or write about an object that you believe symbolizes this period in history. What would make a powerful museum exhibit in the future? Why?  

Art Of Writing: #13, writing a mixed genre story

For this story, you will write a piece that is a mixture of two different genres.  There is going to be an element of randomness and surprise to it as well.

1) Find out what genres you are going to write. Get a six-sided die.  This is just a regular old die that you might roll for a board game.  Roll the die two times, consult the table below, and you will find out what genres you will be writing.  If you roll the same number simply roll again until you get a different number.  If you don’t have a six-sided die then get someone in your household to shout out two numbers between one and six.

  1. Science Fiction
  2. Cheesy Teen Romance
  3. Horror
  4. Western
  5. Comedy
  6. Fan Fiction

2) Write your story

Pretty straight forward here.  Yup, write a story mixing the two genres you got.  You can use characters you have created before, brand new characters, etc.  The point though will be to have a blast writing this and to take the time to write it.  Remember, the task at hand is not to try to write the story as fast as you can.  It is to try and consistently work on your story for a period of time.  These mixed-genre stories can be so much fun to get into.  So, if you find you want more time to finish your story, then by all means take it.

Write for at least 40 minutes.  Yes, this is the first time you will write that long on one story.  You just spent the last two days writing for 45 minutes so you got this!!  Remember, you are building that stamina to write longer pieces as we go along.  Enjoy!

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