Announcements: 4/23/20

New Announcements:

There is an Art of Writing class happening online! Monday through Friday new prompts are put up both here and on schoology. You can join any time you want to. In order to get full credit, you need to have 30 finished pieces. If you really want to push yourself and go for honors credit, go for 50.

Free online AP lessons are available in many subject areas that might be of interest to you. Find out more here.

To any students interested in someday serving on a Nova interview team for hiring new staff, the Seattle Education Association (SEA) is offering mandatory, 1 hour long trainings. The next training is scheduled for Friday, 1 May, at a time still to be determined. This is a new training that everyone must complete in order to serve on a hiring team. Check schoology for more information.

Are you bored? Do you like art and museums? Get ready for a long list of links to online museums open 24/7. Also three tourist destinations at the end.

Daily Prompts (1):

Art of Writing: #12, Writing in different genres

Yesterday, you wrote three pieces, that were mostly the same story, in three different points of view.  Today, you are going to take that same story, from whichever point of view you like, and write it in three different genres.

A genre is simply a form of story.  Examples are horror, science fiction, afrofutrism, weird fiction, fiction, etc.

1) Reread all three of your stories from yesterday. You are doing this to get a good idea of what your story was about and which “version” you enjoyed.

2) Choose three different genres to write that story in three different ways from the list below.  Make sure not to choose the genre in which you wrote your stories yesterday.

  • Horror
  • Afrofutrism
  • Science Fiction
  • Western
  • Cheesy Teen Romance
  • Fan Fiction
  • Weird Fiction
  • Historical Fiction
  • Comedy
  • Fiction

3) Retell your story from yesterday in each of the three genres you chose. Now, spend about 15 minutes writing for each story.  Take a little break between writing each story if you like, but no more than 5-10 minutes.  Try and stay in the writing zone.

You are going to try and retell your story from yesterday but using three different genres than you previously wrote.  Feel free to add totally new material and characters to your story.

Challenge:  Try and choose genres you don’t usually write in or only know a little about so that you can really stretch your imagination and creativity. You could also have someone simply choose the three genres you are going to write and then you may find you are really challenged!

If you really want to challenge yourself then try writing each of your genre stories in a different point of view! No, neither your head or hands will explode. You can do it!!

Remember, this is all practice. You should have fun.  You are working on becoming a better all around writer.  Embrace these challenges and embrace feeling odd or strange writing in ways you normally don’t. This is normal. You will learn more about yourself and writing if you work outside your comfort zone once in a while.

One more cool thing.  You just wrote another three finished pieces!!!  Yup, if you started at the beginning of this “class” that means you might have up to 19 finished pieces and we have eight more weeks to go for you to get to 30.

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