Announcements: 4/22/20

New Announcements:

There is a survey for debate committee up! Go to schoology to take it.

Wellness Center Student Advisory: We have work for you to do now as we build our Wellness Center! There are all kinds of opportunities to get all sorts of credit, job and life experience, community service, opportunities, sharing your experience, opinions and skills, potential senior/culminating inquiry projects, and much much more. Check out schoology for more details, including how to get into the zoom meeting. the next meeting is Monday the 27th at 3pm.

Daily Prompts (2):

Design a new holiday or event that you can celebrate with your favorite people through social distance restrictions. What foods, drinks, costumes, music, art will be included in this new event? What will it be called? What is the theme? What are creative ways you could invite people to the event? What activities will happen and how will everyone participate? 

Challenge: Actually plan and execute your event

Super Challenge: Invite someone who you think could really use a fun new holiday/event right now! 

Art of Writing: #11, Point of view stories

Today, you will be writing three different pieces.  Each one will be from a different point of view. Let’s go over those, shall we?

1st Person POV – Uses the pronoun “I”.  The story is told from the personal perspective of one character. 

  • Example sentence:  When I saw the box sitting on my kitchen table, a feeling of deep horror struck me.

2nd Person POV – Uses the pronoun “you”.  The story is told from the perspective of a narrator telling you, the reader, a story.  Choose your own adventures are written like this.                                                       

  • Example sentences:  You come home to find a box on your kitchen table.  A deep sense of horror strikes you.

3rd Person POV – Uses the pronouns she, her, they, them, he, him, as well as some of the newly created pronouns that do designate a binary gendered system like she and others. It often uses character names.  The story is told by a narrator dictating what the characters are doing.             

  • Example sentence:  Carmelmacchiato felt horror crawl through her body when she spied the box sitting on Expressowithsoy and her kitchen table.

1) Start writing a story in any POV you wish. Yes, start writing a story in any POV you want to. There are story starters and you can use them as they are or alter them to suit your needs.  The deal is, you should only pick one story starter, if you decide not to go with your own beginning.  Work on this first story for 15 minutes.  Try and work for the entire time.  As well, try to have your story have a beginning, middle, and end.

The story starters are at the very end of this prompt.

2) Write the same story in a different perspective

Now you are going to take the story you just wrote and change it into a different POV.  So, if you wrote your first story in the 1st person POV, then you could write your second story in the 2nd person POV.

Here is the challenge though – you have to work on your second story for 15 minutes.

So, the idea that you would just rewrite the story and switch out the pronouns and change some verb tenses isn’t going to work because it wouldn’t take you 15 minutes.  Again, you have to use the full 15 minutes to write your second story.

Yup, you want to try and figure out where you can add more detail in this new POV story so that you can get not only your whole 15 minutes in, but will also finish the story. It is okay to add new things or characters to your story but it should be at heart the same story.

3) Write your third story in the POV you haven’t used yet. Make sure you are still writing the same story. Pretty straight forward.  I mean, you knew it was coming.  Right?

Write your third and final story using the POV you haven’t used yet.  The same rules apply as they did during the second step.  Make sure to use up the whole 15 minutes as well as finish your story.  You will have to come up with new details for this story in order to do it.  It is okay to add new things or characters to your story but it should be at heart the same story.

 Today, you are writing for a whole 45 minutes.  As promised, you are building your writing and imagination stamina.  As we go through this course you will get used to writing for longer periods of time.  For some of you this is no big deal.  For others this comes as a real challenge. To get better at writing though you have to, wait for it….wait for it…write.  Yup, a lot of writing.  Literal writing or typing or whatever.  Then you rewrite and rewrite and rewrite. You don’t have to do a lot of rewriting for this course but you should know that it is an essential part of becoming a good writer.

Another activity that makes you a good to great writer is reading reading reading.  So, take some time to do that too.

Story starters:

I remember when the last wave crashed.

You find yourself in a closet.

Chim Chim found that she had a hole in her pocket.

Gravitas scanned the desert for his…

When you wake up, you have the feeling that…

I wonder what that smell could be?

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