Announcements: 4/21/20

New Announcements:

Do you like animation but can’t do it right now? Worry no longer. Contact Stefan if you need paper and pegboards. Set up an independent!

Nova’s 19th annual animation showcase will be held online this year. If you are interested in contributing animation or sound, or helping with the production of things, contact Stefan. 1st goal: we need ideas for what to call the showcase this year!

Daily Prompts (1):

Art of Writing: #10, Song to story

1) Find a song and its lyrics. You can use any song you like. Have the lyrics in front of you ready to go.

2) Use the lyrics to write your story. Most songs are already stories.  For this prompt though, you can do one of two things. You can either:

Tell the whole story of the song as it already is.  You are simply filling in the details, maybe putting some dialogue in here and there, etc. –  Start with the first line of lyrics.  This will be the start of the your first sentence of your story.  From that point you use the lyrics as a guideline to try and tell the story that the song originally sets out to tell (as you understand it).  As I stated above, you are fleshing the song out so that there is more detail and gives a fuller picture of everything that happens.  


The other way to do this is a little more of a challenge, but may be even more fun.

Again, start with the first line of the lyrics – this becomes the start of your story.  You use the line exactly as it is written.  You can add to it, but it must be the first words in your story.

 From that point you are going to drop the lyrics into your story exactly as they are written.  This time, they might start a sentence or be a part of a sentence you are using but you must use the words from each line of lyric exactly as it is written.  

 Please use the lines from the song in the order they appear.  You cannot skip around.  What you can do though is put as many sentences as you want to connect one line of lyric to another.  So, if your song has 14 lines of lyrics your story won’t be 14 lines long.  Make sense?  

 The idea is to now tell any story you want using the the words from the lyrics.  The trick is to both use the words from each line of lyrics exactly as they are written and to use them in your story in the order they appear in the song. (but put your own sentences between them to flesh out the details to your story or provide transitions or bridges from one line of lyric to the next).

 This is like yesterday’s prompt.  Yesterday you had to use a word in a sentence and then you wrote a bit and then you used another random word, wrote a bit, and so on.  Today, you are using a line of words, writing for a bit, then a line of words, and writing for a bit.

Try to write for 30 minutes.

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