Announcements: 4/20/20

New Announcements:

Lambart House groups are open to all LGBTQ+ youth ages 13-22 (11-12 are also welcome with parent/guardian consent.) They meet every Friday at 6pm, Saturday at 7pm, and Sunday at 7pm. Go and check them out! Here is their website.

Terrance is offering an online philosophy class: YouTube philosophy.  You will watch a series of videos that can all be seen on YouTube and then answer some questions and do small projects on them.

IMPORTANT WARNING: ENGAGING IN PHILOSOPHY CAN CAUSE THE FOLLOWING SIDE EFFECTS:  Thinking, Becoming even more intelligent, Becoming a critical thinker, Developing different perspectives, Being super fun at parties, and Gaining the ability to become invisible (this last one is super rare so if it doesn’t happen to you just let it go – just let it go).

You will watch two videos a week and do the work connected to it.  Each video is somewhere between 10-25 minutes in length. The links and assignments will be on Monday and Wednesday of each week.  You can sign up whenever you want in order to get started. How do I sign up? Just email Terrance.

Daily prompts (3):

Draw five objects from around the house that have interesting texture or patterns (wood grain, fabric, floors, tiles, walls, wallpaper, etc.).

Art of Writing: #9, the on-going word prompt story

Today we are going to challenge ourselves to think both quickly and creatively. You will need a piece of paper and (only if possible) at least one other person for this one.  If someone can’t help you with this prompt it is no big deal at all.  You can do it yourself.

1)  Cut or tear the paper into about 15-20 different pieces (big enough to write a word on).

2)  Give those pieces of paper out to another person or other people in your house if possible.  Have those people write a noun (person, place, or thing) on each slip of paper.  This can be a person’s name, a real place, a real person’s name, something in your house, etc.  

If there is only one other person in your house who is willing to help you, then give them half of the pieces of paper to write words on and you do the other half.  Or, if they will even do five and you do the rest, great.

If there is noone who will help you then you put a NOUN on each slip of paper.

3) Fold each piece of paper and put it in a little box, or hat, or bowl – something you can reach in and grab them.

4)  Set up a clock you can see or a timer that will go off every 2 minutes.

5) Pull a word from the “hat” and that will be the first word of the first sentence of your story.  Start writing your story.  If you are using the two minute timer then start that, but you can also note what time it is when you look at the clock and then choose a word every two minutes (it helps to write down the times you will be picking a word beforehand).

6) Every two minutes pull another word from the hat and use it in your story. Yes, try to incorporate whatever word you get into your story.  It is okay to modify it a little but it should be that word.

7)  Do this until you have used every word in the story.  IMPORTANT:  Do everything you can to use the last word you pick from the “hat” as the very last word in your story.

CHALLENGES:  If you would really like to challenge yourself here are a few things you can do:

1) Come up with more words than 15 or 20.

2) Pick a word out of the hat every 90 seconds or even every minute.

3) Start with a large number of words (say 30- 50).  Pick a word every three minutes for a while and then switch to every two for a while, then every one, 45 seconds, 30 seconds, fifteen seconds.  Again, the last word you pick should be the last word you use in your story.

Up, up, and away: Prompt #2:  Battling the Possum

It is time for you to flex your powers a little bit. So, for this assignment you will be writing the story about facing the villain, The Possum. There are only two key points you must include in your story:

  • The Possum and its powers. The Possum has 3 powers. One of the three powers the Possum has is the ability to play dead. You will have to create the other two.
  • Setting: Nova


  • Your story should be at least 2 pages long, double-spaced, and in 12 point font. If you write it please make sure it is legible.
  •  It must include the above two key points.
  • Your story must have a beginning, a middle, and an end
  • Please edit your own piece so that it is as clear as possible of simple typos and spelling and/or grammar mistakes.

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