Announcements: 4/2/20

Daily Prompt(s):

See your familiar surroundings through the eyes of a traveler in space and time.

Pick one item that you have walked by, looked at, kicked around, or used many times since you’ve been home, and pretend that you are from another planet, a visitor from the future, or someone fast-forwarded from the past to the present. You don’t know what the item is, you cannot identify it’s materials, you aren’t sure what the item does. Write about this item as if you have never seen it before:

  • Use sensory details to describe how it looks, sounds, and feels as if you are exploring it for the first time.
  • Try to identify its parts or materials.
  • Guess what its use might be or give several guesses and explain why you think it might have those uses.
  • Compare it to similar or different items from your imaginary or historic time and place.
  • Be filled with wonder! The goal is to be descriptive and creative! 

Art of Writing:

Today, we are going to work with our senses – smell, touch, sight, hearing, and taste.

1) As a warmup – write (or type) each of the five senses and leave some space after it.  For TWO MINUTES and two minutes only write down all the words that you can think of that have to do with that sense.  Then, move on to the next sense and do the same thing for two minutes.  Repeat until you get through all the senses.  It is totally okay if you use the same word for multiple senses.  Sounds/onomatopoeia work for hearing for sure.  IMPORTANT:  Keep trying for the whole two minutes for each one.  Don’t give up!

2) What you will now do is write a short piece of only 75 words for each sense.  Each short piece, be it story or poem, should use vocabulary that truly conveys, or gets across to a reader, the essence of that particular sense. Good thing you just came up with a whole bunch of words for each sense!!!  If you want to write more than 75 words for any, or for all, the senses, please feel free to, but try for 75.  If you fall a little short don’t sweat it.  No problem at all.  Just do the best you can.

3) When you have written all five pieces, go back and GIVE EACH A TITLE that seems super appropriate for that piece.  

New Announcements:

You can join Art of Writing at any time! Just email Terrance.

Favor de hacer el ejercicio siguiente respectando las instrucciones del mensaje de 25 marzo. El video es aquí. Comunique sus éxitos, sus dudas y preguntas con Lydia. Buena suerte.

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