Announcements: 4/10/20

New Announcements:

The New York Times is offering free access to its online paper from now through July 6th to all high school students. This could be a useful supplement to any research and/or current events projects you’re doing, or just as a daily news source. Interested students need to sign up for access through a teacher. Here is an article with more information.

Daily Prompts:

Draw or write about a book/song/ movie/TV show that you come back to over and over again. What makes this piece of media special or comforting for you? When did you first read/hear/watch it? How have you changed since then? 

Art of Writing: #8, The worst story in the world

As promised, today you will try to write a “bad” story.  Yet, it will be so bad that it will be good.

1) Make a list. Yesterday, you made a list of all the things you couldn’t stand about “bad” characters.  Today, make a list of all the things make a “bad” story.  Those things that might make you throw up your hands, lip fart, shake your head, get angry, or want to close the book or turn off the TV. 

What are all the different ways writers ruin a story?  Here is a few examples- over describing settings or family trees that ultimately contribute nothing to the characters or the story, when it is clear that ALL the characters are white even though the author never tells you their ethnicity, and the lack of editing

Spend no more than 10-15 minutes doing this, but the point is to get as many of these down that you can.

2) Write a really “bad” story. This is where it gets fun. Now, you can take the characters that you used for yesterday’s prompt (the really “bad” characters) and put them in this story, or you can feel free to simply create characters as they come up in your story.  Most of this story will be plot-driven anyway.

Your challenge is to write this story using AS MANY OR ALL of the terrible things you put on your list.  Write for at least 30 minutes.

If you use everything on your list you WIN!!!!!!  Again, winning entitles you either to a puppy or a sweet treat, so make sure to let someone know what you deserve.  Also, victory laps with loud bragging is essential.

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