Announcements: 3/26/20

New Announcements:

Feeling anxious about what is happening right now? Anxiety Canada is hosting a free town hall to help. It starts at 1 pm and goes for a while. It will also be available to re-watch at any time.

Like art and math? Are interested about either? Here is a free online projective geometry workbook. Learn some math and make some art at the same time, no talent required.

The Living Computer Museum has some awesome online resources for learning to code, info and history about emulators (like the old Oregon trail game), and lots of other stuff. If you have some free time, why not learn to code?

Skype With a Scientist is a great way to learn some science online! Also a great way to get some science credit. Check them out here.

Want short, structured activities relating to LA? Want LA credit? Look no further, as Radioactive: Soundbites is coming out with “Mini Audio Storytelling Activities” three times a week. They publish new activities every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 10 am. Check it out here.

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