Anime review: The disastrous life of Saiki K

An anime I’m going to review today is The Disastrous life of Saiki K. This anime I really liked a lot and it was hella funny.

So it first off starts off with a pink-haired boy named Saiki K who has psychic powers, he can time travel, see through people and many more. He wears these little green things that stick in his head so his powers won’t go out of control. Everyone who sees him just thinks that it’s a hair clip or something. He also changed the world to having unnatural hair colors be normal and natural hair colors be rare so people wouldn’t question him.

His parents use his powers for an advantage for whenever they’re in trouble and need his help,for example, one time his dad was running late for work and Saiki was trying to relax at home but his dad didn’t want to get in trouble by his boss so he begged Saiki to teleport him there. At first he refused, but his dad offered to give him coffee jelly which is his favorite dessert, and so he teleported his dad to work.

Saiki’s only weakness is sweet’s. He loves them and when he sees them or you offer to give him some, he will become happier than he has ever been.

I really like this anime because of how funny it is. 10/10 on the comedy! Everything about this anime is funny-how the characters act and everything and so I would say that this anime is good for anyone who likes action and comedy shows and it’s definitely worth your time.

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