Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Products Review

Anastasia Beverly Hills is world-renowned beauty brand. Founded in 1997, they were first recognized for their extremely popular brow products. Since then, they have expanded the brand to produce everything from lipsticks to foundation.

Brow Wiz: The Brow Wiz is one of Anastasia’s most popular products, and was one of the first products they released when they hit the market, before they expanded and began creating all types of makeup products. The Brow Wiz is raved about all throughout the internet, so I figured I would try it out even though I’m a diehard for their Dipbrow product.

I was really excited to use this, because the tip is so small that it’s supposed to mimic tiny brow hairs, giving you a fluffy look. I was very disappointed. The formula was super dry and not at all easy to work with. The color also seemed to be a bit on the orange side, which is a problem I’ve seen with a lot of brow products, but never expected from Anastasia. The tip broke off multiple times, and even though I gave this product a shot a few days in a row, I was disappointed every time. Personally, I have no idea where the hype comes from and would not recommend it.

Brow Definer: The Brow Definer is the most recent of Anastasia’s brow products to release, and is supposed to be quite a unique product because of its triangle shape. You can draw thicker lines, and then flip it and use the sharp end to draw little hairs.

This is my go-to brow product as of recently, and I support every claim they give. The formula is creamy and glides on, the color is great, and the staying power is great. The size makes it easy to fill in your brows quickly, and the sharp ends gives you the ability to draw those little hairs on. I will say that after a couple of uses, it gets less sharp and begins to round out, but nevertheless it still works for me.

Dipbrow Pomade: The Dipbrow Pomade has been a favorite of mine for years. It’s a very popular product for a very good reason. It’s waterproof, creamy, and can create anything from super sharp, bold brows to natural looking brows. You use it with a small angled brush (Anastasia’s #12 is the best option in my opinion), and create strokes/lines with that. I will say Dipbrow takes some getting used to and a bit of practice, because it is easy to go overboard with this product. The one downfall may be that it isn’t foolproof. It also comes with a lot of product and a little goes a long way, so as long as you keep good care of the product it will definitely last you awhile. And if it dries out, you can always put a drop of oil in it and you’re good to go!

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