Do you believe in aliens, if so, do you think they have been to Earth? This is what I asked three people at Nova, and these are their answers, among other questions.

  • Joseph: “Yes…I don’t know. I think that obviously in the universe there is other life. I don’t think we have been visited yet. But I don’t know. I think there is probably other life in our universe.”
  • Lydia W: “Yes. It’s hard to say. I go back and forth. Sometimes I think we don’t have enough evidence and sometimes I do.”
  • Debbie: “Yes, I definitely believe that there is more sentient life in this universe than just us. I don’t actually believe that any beings that did not originate on earth have been to earth–but I am certainly open to the possibility. I tend to be a skeptical type, but also remain open-minded as I don’t believe that I have any of the ‘real’ answers.”

What do you know about Area 51? Do you think the government is experimenting with aliens there? Have you ever been around there?

  • Joseph: “I know it’s a military and air force base where they conduct aeronautic and space craft research. I know you can’t go to it and it’s highly secret. If we have been visited by aliens, rather than it being a big public affair, the government could have swept them into their base. I wouldn’t put it past the government. I’ve never been around there.”
  • Lydia W: “Not much. I know it’s a secret area in the Southwest that the government theoretically studies alien activity. I don’t know how they would be able to keep it under wraps so well, though.”
  • Debbie: “I have heard on and off about Area 51 throughout my life. There was a famous club in New York called Studio 54 and in my head I get them oddly confused sometimes. Anyway, when I think of Area 51, I think of Nevada desert cordoned off big campus that only military vehicles go in and and out of. I think it is much more likely that the government has done all kinds of experiments there on things from earth. It’s well known the kind of horrific things that happen when humans and other animals are subjected to dangerous substances, so the idea that a person could end up looking like an alien is not surprising to me.”

Do you have any conspiracy theories of your own? Do you have any stories about aliens? Have you ever seen a UFO?

  • Joseph: “I’ll unofficially say we probably have been visited by aliens, because of all the stories. Wouldn’t put it past aliens, because that’s what people would do, experimenting on them and so on. My dad said he saw a UFO. It could have been military or alien over his farm. He said it was a bright green close-up shooting star sort of thing. I wasn’t there at the time so I can’t speak on the validity of it, he is a strange dude.”
  • Lydia W: “I think that aliens are waiting to communicate with us until we have shown that we have enough maturity, enough understanding of tech and science to be worth talking to. Imagine a particle or substance of something that has this inherent desire to expand their knowledge, in order to do so it created the big bang and spread out all the potential combos of existence to increase the chances of learning more. I think we’re one of those iterations and I think other forms of intelligent life are other iterations but we’re just so far apart that we can’t find each other. Zero science backing this up by the way.”
  • Debbie: “When I was pregnant and my stomach area would jump around, I would say things like, ‘it’s like having an alien in you’ and think about Sigourney Weaver. However, then I would usually say right afterwards: ‘That’s so sad. Here is this natural process of gestating ourselves and it feels so foreign to us that we actually think it is literally ‘out of this world’, when it is so down-to-earth’, AND then the baby was born and I was like ‘ohhh! Now I see why aliens have cone-shaped heads (just like newborns) and are greenish/greyish in color (just like newborns that haven’t had the vernix bathed off them) and have those great big eyes’ (I’ve heard babies have big eyes cause somehow we think that is cute and so it bonds us adults to the babies so we take care of them).”

Do you know about grey aliens? What do you think about those funky little dudes?

  • Joseph: “Yes. It’s hard to predict what other life would look like. I don’t discredit a humanoid alien creature though. There seems to be lots of testimonies from people.”
  • Lydia W: “I don’t know about them [I told her what they were]. I guess I wonder how they decide which humans are worth abducting. Are they using a random sample or are they specifically choosing certain humans?”
  • Debbie:  “Um, nope, not sure, but I do believe that all depictions of aliens on earth are human-made visions of what we think an alien would look like.”

If you ever met an alien, what kinds of questions would you ask them? What do you think they would have to say about Earth?

  • Joseph: “I would ask where they were from, name and pronouns, (they may not even have genitals or anything). I would ask their thoughts on how Earth is run. What does Earth’s society look like compared to theirs?”
  • Lydia W: “If they had more advanced tech, I would want to know if there are any of our majorly accepted theories that are extremely wrong. About the current state of Earth, they would probably think ‘nice try kiddo’”.
  • Debbie: “Oooo! I would have just a tumble down amount of questions–what’s it like where you are from? Do you have societies? How are they made up? Do you have histories? Are you in contact with other aliens than us [wild that we would be aliens to them!]? Have you seen other parts of space? Do you think that you are more advanced than us, or do you not view the universe that way??  What would they think of us–I love Lydia’s answer!”

If you have your own answers to these questions, make sure to put them in the comments!

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