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Nova students and staff host ongoing orientations & tours so prospective students and folks in the community can learn more about our school. We generally have one to two of each scheduled per month throughout the year, and the most updated way to learn about those dates is to call our office at 206.252.3500. 

What is the difference between a tour and an orientation?
Tours are a totally optional opportunity for anyone in the community- parents, prospective students, siblings, community members, etc- to learn a bit more about Nova and talk to our principal. They are not required for a students to enroll, but they are a great opportunity (especially for parents) to get more information about Nova. They are generally in the afternoon from 12:30-1:30 on a school day. There is no need to sign up- you can just show up!
Orientations are only for students and they are required before a student can enroll at Nova. Just because you have attended an orientation does not mean you are necessarily going to enroll– after the orientation you must submit paperwork to the district for it to be official. Orientations are a student’s opportunity to learn more, to attend part of a Nova class and to speak to our principal.  Orientations are from 9-11:30 on a school day morning. In order to attend an orientation you will need to sign up by calling (206) 252-3500 and providing some general information.
At Nova we respect that people can be upset and uncomfortable about the content of curriculum, discussions and media that is used and shared in classes. We work to be clear in course descriptions and by giving warnings to students ahead of time about potentially upsetting material. We simultaneously work to support students to make good choices for themselves when picking classes and in advocating for themselves when they need an alternative assignment. Students with extreme sensitivities should work with their coordinator to make sure courses are appropriate before signing up for them, as once a course is in motion the student might have to find a new course if their sensitivities keep them from being able to participate in a significant amount of the course activities. For example, if someone has an extreme phobia and they sign up for a course that is a film study related to that phobia the class will not be changed and the student will need to find a new class. If the same student was in another class where that phobia related to one essay, the student and coordinator could work toward creating an alternative assignment as long as they clearly communicate and negotiate that with the teacher.

(updated by Mothership Fall 2016)

To be responsible for yourself in our community:

  • be mindful
  • share your thoughts and leave room for other people to share theirs
  • sit with discomfort but not injustice
  • speak from I (avoid generalizing other people’s experience/beliefs and/or being a condescendy pants)
  • be thoughtful about your language because language has consequences(Discrimination based on race, class, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion and/or mental or physical disability is illegal and not tolerated here. Slurs related to these forms of discrimination as well as language and jokes that minimize sexual and physical violence will have serious consequences in our community.)
  • explain don’t shame
  • practice clear consent (Treat people the way they want to be treated, ask them if you don’t know and listen when they explain.)
  • be sober
  • be thoughtful about broadcasting your personal business (Be aware that folks have different levels of comfort when it comes to talking about sex, drugs/alcohol and other personal biz as well as public displays of affection.)To support each other in our community:
  • welcome people
  • follow the visitor policy and bring your visitors up to speed about what safety means at Nova
  • when you see people at Nova you don’t recognize ask them to check in with the office
  • help each other to be accountable
  • leave Nova and Nova spaces nicer than you found them

The Nova Project

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