✓ Alt Instruments

Alternative Instruments/music machines, you can use to make music

Over the years I’ve found out a few new interesting ways to make music without the typical instruments such as piano, guitar and drums. These are some new and exciting instruments that you might’ve not heard of.

Marble Machine
The Wintergatan Marble machine uses marbles to drop onto different things like pads and strings to make music.

One that you might’ve heard of is the Theremin, as we have one of our own right here at Nova. It looks like a box with one antenna going out to the side and one going straight up and you don’t even have to touch it for it to make sounds.

Musical Saw
The musical saw is what it sounds like, a musical saw. Basically you’d take a saw and then use a bow to make sounds by moving it perpendicular to the saw while you hold it upright with the handle of the saw in your lap.

The hang is a percussion instrument invented in 2000 so it is fairly new. It is made up of two concave metal pieces and has little bumps in it. To play it you hit it in certain places to make notes.

Melodicas look like little handheld keyboards but the difference is you can’t just press on the keys to make sounds you have to blow through a little tube that comes out one side of it and then press keys while you’re blowing.

The Stylophone wasn’t in production for very long, it was invented in 1967, then produced in 1968 but went back out of production in 1975. It is a small analog keyboard that you used a stylus to play. It was sold mostly as a children’s toy but at least 3 million were sold while it was still in production.
There are many more interesting instruments that probably I haven’t even heard of so keep exploring the new realms of sounds. You can find so many fun new things out there.