You may know them by the name “I am number four” or not at all, but if you enjoy adventure, a little heartbreak, superpowers, human like aliens (teens protecting earth) and mysteries…then this series may be for you. Survive, thrive, develop and hone their abilities, is what they must do and protect earth from […]

I can see this memes a lot to us

A few weeks ago, there was a vote for the new mascot candidates! I wasn’t there to observe the discussion in other coors, but Christina’s coor voted on “Axolotl” and “memes.” Unfortunately, I had to vote for axolotls, despite such a memeingful name like “nova memes”. I haven’t been at nova very long and my […]

School isn’t supposed to hurt

Schools aren’t always considered safe with one thing or another occurring, but this doesn’t mean students and staff can’t make an effort to take down the probability that something triggering is going to happen. In fact it has become common and almost expected that students are going to suffer to some extent from their peers […]

Second Annual E-Waste Collection!

2nd Annual E-Waste Recycling Event December 1-19th Nova Project Room 34 Dear Nova Community, –       Audio, Video and Camera Equipment –       Cell Phones –       Mobile devices –       Computers –       Laptops –    Computer Appliances –    Computer Audio Systems –       Tablets –       Monitors –       Printers –    Gaming Devices –       Misc. cords  Please bring items to Room 34. […]

Movie Review: Fury

I went to go watch Fury on the day it was released in theaters. The trailer caught my interest because it looked action packed and war movies are always entertaining to watch. I didn’t actually read the plot before going to go see it, all I knew about it was that it was about a […]

Vypyr 60-Watt Tube Amp Review

This article is a review of the Peavey Vypyr 60-Watt tube amplifier I have used this amp for the last 2+ years. It’s in my basement right now, looking like batman with a gold grill. I bought this amp used, somewhere along the line after using a Line 6 Spider III for a while. It […]

It’s Happening Again! (Twin Peaks)

It is happening again! 25 years after the original finale, the show that forever changed television, Twin Peaks, will be coming back on Showtime. Show creators David Lynch and Mark Frost once again stirred up speculation when they tweeted the following: The rumors were confirmed on October 6th when a short, cryptic video featuring Laura […]