Nova’s Open House— Save the Date!


Nova High School, an innovator in alternative education in the Seattle Public Schools, will be holding an open house on January 26th, 2017 from 6-8pm. There will be many opportunities to learn about our unique program including a student-led science & art fair as well as time to speak with administration, students and staff.

Open House: January 26th, 6-8pm

Nova High School
2410 E Cherry St
Seattle, WA 98122

Please email with any questions about the event

Rights of a Minor


Disclaimer: this isn’t legal advice and you should still talk to a lawyer if you find yourself in a situation like this. I would also like to say that a lot of information is from talking to people that have been in a situation like this as well as the King County Juvenile Court website:  

The rights of minors are something that needs to be talked about more because minors they tend to not be educated about their rights. In today’s society we only really talk about the rights of adults, because they want to educate kids about their rights when they become adult. The real issue is that we as a society don’t really talk about the rights of minors, and what they can do to get out of a bad situation.

Minors have more power in the legal system than they may know about; minors also have more rights than they might know about., The lack of knowledge is caused because most adults and parents don’t talk about the rights minors have because they don’t necessarily want to believe that the kid or the kids around them would do something where kids would need to use their rights. Continue reading “Rights of a Minor”


The United States has laws, of course. Laws to regulate speed and road conduct have been created. However, I feel that we may need to put more effort into enforcing these laws and keeping control of the roads. After all, some people follow the law of the road, but others have a need. A need for speed. Continue reading “I’VE JUST BEEN IN THIS PLACE BEFORE”

Anxiety Survival Skills

Anxiety really really really sucks. Especially at school. Here are some tips and ideas on how to cope with it.

Build an anxiety kit!   homework-how-do-you-think-they-do-it-17-pics-3

The ideal anxiety kit has something that uses each of your senses. Something scented, like bottles of essential oil or scented bean bags that also address touch (learn how to make those here: you can also just mix any essential oil with the beans instead of lavender sprigs). Textural things like a stress or spiky ball, a patch of fuzzy material, or marbles are really good to have something to fiddle with. Add something to taste such as dark chocolate, mint or cinnamon gum, or crunchy things like nuts. To address sound keep an extra pair of earbuds in there and make a soothing playlist on your phone or other musical device as well as a pair of earplugs if you just need a little quiet. For sight, keep some cute pictures of architecture or your favorite animal in there. Small stuffed animals are also great additions and can be scented or fuzzy to take care of several senses. I also suggest using a colorful bag or box to keep everything in. Continue reading “Anxiety Survival Skills”

A short list of good games part 1

Castaway 2: RPG

Castaway 2 is an exploration-focused RPG.

This game is gorgeous! In it, you wake up on a strange island without your memory. You then find that there is more going on on the island than you thought. You wind up getting many pets and better gear as you slowly explore the gorgeous tropical island. This game doesn’t have the best mechanics, but I still love it for its feel. Continue reading “A short list of good games part 1”

The Return of Rick and Morty

For a long time people have been patiently awaiting the return of the popular TV series Rick and Morty. In the last episode of season two the character Mr. Poopy Butthead informed the audience that they might have to wait as long as 3-5 years for the third season, however the show may be returning sooner than expected. Continue reading “The Return of Rick and Morty”

Female* Skateboarders Are Badass

There are a lot of obvious differences from being a male into skateboarding and being a female into skateboarding. Skateboarding has the stereotype of being a much more male-dominated and male-centric sport, and women wanting to skateboard definitely have less opportunities, and higher expectations, than men. I was well aware of this when wanting to start skateboarding, but the community was something I wanted to be part of. I joined Nova Skate, and I’m working towards being able to to call myself a real “skater boy”. Continue reading “Female* Skateboarders Are Badass”

Safe Protesting

  1. Water does not make pepper spray or tear gas worse it won’t help much either. NEVER use hot water. Use liquid antacid and water, you can also use milk, what’s best is 50/50 water and Milk of Magnesia

Do not wear contacts

If you can wear goggles and something to cover your mouth (this also helps with tear gas) if possible spray down mask with vinegar before the protest to lessen the effects

  1. IF YOU HAVE SEVERE ALLERGIES OR ASTHMA BE VERY CAREFUL both pepper spray and tear gas can trigger attacks
  1. Even if you don’t have those issues it’s a good idea to take allergy meds after it happens to bring down side effects

If it gets in your mouth take a tums, it’ll help

  1. If you get tear gassed, when you get home, put the contaminated clothes in a plastic bag for later decontamination and shower with COLD water to avoid opening your pores. – it’s a good idea to bring extra clothes
  1. Police now have a weapon called the Long Rang Sound Device, it hurts like hell and sometimes will make your ears ring for a couple day

They’re required to announce it before using it but they don’t give you a lot of time, the best warning is probably a squat team

Bring ear plugs and watch out for that, you’ll still hear it but they’ll help

  1. Come with friends and don’t get separated. Avoid leaving the crowd and watch out for police snatch squads.
  1. Beware undercovers, but beware snitchjacketing and collaborator “peace police” even more.
  2. The far right is very good at combing through pictures and doxing people. Mask up.

credit given to Community Peoples’ Medics