This Is Melodrama

On September 27, 2013, 16 year old Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O’Connor, stage name “Lorde”, released her first studio album Pure Heroine, an artistic and beautiful record that had new fans begging for more. She then seemed to have gone completely quiet, until this year.

Lorde, now 20, has given us a new and beautiful tracklist about her “melodramatic” life since her last album. Continue reading This Is Melodrama


For the past 3 weekends I have been camping. The first I went to Olympia with my 2 best friends and my mom. We spend the day hiking on Evergreen College campus on a trail that lead to the water. As we were walking we met up with some locals  our age and hung out with them. They lead us to a bluff where we could see the whole straight. As my friend Anton and I looked out on the horizon we talked about how humans are a parasite to the earth. He wishes he was born in a time before the industrial revolution so he could live a more primitive lifestyle. I began to understand where he was coming from regardless of technological and medical advances since then I feel I would be happier living in a log cabin. Continue reading Nature

Netflix Movie and TV Shows recommendations:

Black Mirror-

Black Mirror follows a similar structure of the Twilight Zone as each episode has completely new characters and storyline and the series focuses on syfy elements. Black Mirror is an intense show that has the power to make you stand up from the couch where you are watching and say “What? !” it is well done and often focuses on technology and how in a way it is overwhelming and even controlling the population.

Scream (The TV Show)

Just like the movies scream, the tv show is goofy and scary. It is a good show to watch when you are in a bad mood because it is captivating without overwhelming. It is a teen drama which appeals to some and doesn’t to others but if juicy drama and intrigue is your cup of tea then this show is for you!  


This British TV show is different than most series because the actors are actually teenagers just like the characters they are portraying. Skins is about teen rebellion, struggle, some mental health issues and romantic interests. It uses colorful and sometimes vulgar language which makes it feel real and relatable to how most teenagers talk and interact.


Although this show is in Portuguese, it has English subtitles so you can easily watch it. It is based around “the process” which is a test to see whether you have what it takes to make it to the offshore (a much nicer place than where they are living), which only 3% make it to. It is a rigorous, gruelling, competitive process and there are many tears shed along the way.


The true story of Linda Lovelace, and how the adult filming industry nearly ruined the stars life. A behind the scenes look of how Linda was forced to do things she didn’t want to do and how she made it out alive.

The Road Within-

The story of three kids from a mental institution, one with tourettes, one with OCD, and one with anorexia and how they go on a life changing road trip to find themselves and have some freedom.

House of Cards-

Filled with political intrigue, a perfect choice for teens to watch with their parents as they will love it too. Powerful, adult themes and major manipulation. Kevin Spacey gives a flawless performance as Frank Underwood, a power-hungry politician and will make you want to scream.

The Last Article

All my articles in this class so far have been about animals, I know there is probably someone out there who has read them and asked why. Well I am here to tell you, ever since I was little animals have been a big part in my life. I’m not just talking about the dogs my dad had or the cat my mom had I am talking wild animals. I have lived in three states in my life so far, and moved more times then I can count in fact the longest I have ever stayed in one place so far has  been two years. Continue reading The Last Article

Tarot at a Glance

Tarot de Marseilles, circa 1770

The fragmented history of Tarot stretches over centuries. If you have had your cards read to you by a willing friend, family member, or psychic, you probably think the images arcane. As someone who reads cards often I wonder about where they come from. The sources for reading cards are available yet the origin of the images written about in the first place remains blurry. Continue reading Tarot at a Glance

Social Media Pros and Cons

As a stereotypical high school student, you can usually find me on my phone scrolling through social media. I am usually looking at an array of photos and videos that revolve around fitness, fashion, politics, what is going on in the world, memes (I can’t help it), art, nature, and what my friends are doing. But when I talk to adults about social media I only hear them talk about the cons of social media. In an article written by Sreedhar Potarazu for CNN he states “Children are growing up now in a world where they expect immediate response, gratification and notification. Their brains no longer have time to evolve; they must adapt to change in an instant, and the results are distressing.” This is not entirely true. Continue reading Social Media Pros and Cons

21st Century Paganism

Religion is a system of worship, usually surrounding a being or multiple with superhuman abilities and connections to our day to day life. Having a religion, or having  faith, is a guiding force for many people’s way of living. Though, due to colonialism, genocides, and various different varieties of religious privilege, many pagan religions and cultures are dying or have already died out. However, some people are working hard to keep them alive through their personal practices. My roommate, Zacharie, is one of them, and I decided to talk to them about how they experience being pagan in the 21st century, what they know about paganism, and how they involve themself in the community. Continue reading 21st Century Paganism

Looks Shouldn’t Matter

See, now I titled this article, looks shouldn’t matter instead of looks don’t matter, because unfortunately in the society we live in, they do. According to numerous studies (which you can find easily on your own) attractive people are more likely to get hired, they are usually happier, they are perceived as more healthy, likeable and even more trustworthy. Many people feel like life is just simply easier for attractive people. But I mean what does it even mean to be attractive anyway? Science usually says its symmetry and people tend to be in the upper status due to what’s trendy in that time period. Although it’s hard to disagree with what science and studies say, I think we should focus less on this, here’s why. Continue reading Looks Shouldn’t Matter

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