“Give Trump a Chance”

There is, in the media and among the general population of America, a statement being passed around that, now that Donald Trump is President, we should “just give him a chance”. That we can’t know already that he’s going to be terrible. The issue, however, is that he doesn’t need us to “give” him anything. He’s already in office, he’s already making it happen. Despite the protests, our opinions aren’t just going to end or ruin his presidency. Not only that, but we DO know that he’s going to be terrible. From the many things he has said, he is not exactly a tolerant man. He wants to force Mexico to pay for a wall to stop their people from leaving, something that’s not really a problem for them and has stated, with regards to Iraq, that we should have stolen their oil, and that “maybe we’ll get another chance ’” If you want us to give him a chance, maybe he shouldn’t talk about how he’s going to deport hundreds of thousands of people. Truly, he is a legitimate president, and whose authenticity we can all agree on. Except he has, time and time again, proven to be a liar. He denies facts, hiding behind insults and ad hominem attacks. Not only this, but he did not win the popular vote, but the electoral vote, which essentially means that we didn’t vote for him, except the people whose votes actually matter who decided that they wanted him. Continue reading ““Give Trump a Chance””

protest of donald trump’s inauguration

On the 20th of January, Nova High School and schools all around seattle walked out in protest of donald trump’s inauguration. My experience of the walkout was mostly positive other than the feeling of impending doom that this election gave me. I felt so empowered by the huge energy we were able to create. I think my favorite part was the people who were witnessing cheering and honking as we passed, instantly bringing a smile to my face. It was so magical, despite the police following us, and the ache that was slowly creeping up my legs. Continue reading “protest of donald trump’s inauguration”

A Dog’s Purpose Movie Review

People have been boycotting the movie A Dog’s Purpose stating crew members were allegedly abusing animals on the set, using this video of a german shepherd being forced into rough waters as proof of such (you can watch it here). The video shows the german shepherd being held by a crew member who is trying to put it into the water, and as it refuses to go in, the crew member lifts it and tries to force it in. The scene cuts and shows the dog almost completely submerged into the rushing water, and then the crew jumping in to save it when they see it’s struggling. Continue reading “A Dog’s Purpose Movie Review”

Diversity in TV Shows

It’s 2017 and it feels like it’s only been these last couple of years that we have really began to see some changes in the diversity when it comes to what you see on TV. In the past couple of decades what you saw often is one token character in a show. Their race, sexual orientation, gender, or whatever makes them different, is the focal point of their character. You hardly ever see those diverse characters unless they are playing out a stereotype. In this past decade there have been some changes in TV, there are so many incredible shows on television with a diverse cast that if you haven’t watched you should. As a white woman, growing up I didn’t realize just how white most of the TV shows and movies I was watching were. If you’re privileged it’s easy for some of these things to just brush past your head when they don’t affect you as much. But as I got older I started to realize the lack of representation of POC, and also myself, as a jewish, bisexual woman. I began to be bothered by the things I wasn’t seeing. There are a lot of shows I like, but lack diversity, so here are some of my personal recommendations of good shows that are on TV with a diverse cast. Continue reading “Diversity in TV Shows”

How to Increase Participation in Mothership

We, the people of NOVA, have a problem: attendance in MotherShip is too low. I have a solution. Instate a board of elected class members to attend MotherShip. These elected representatives, who would be picked at the start of the semester, would go to MotherShip each week. It would then be their job (the representatives) to update their classmates (during coor) on what MotherShip discussed last week. People other than the officials could decide if they then wanted to attend MotherShip (more people are always welcome in MotherShip) and speak out on whatever subject would be talked about. Continue reading “How to Increase Participation in Mothership”

The battle against the blank page

As a kid there was nothing I loved more than a brand new piece of paper. There were so many different thing I could create, it was like magic. This one sheet could bring so much joy to my eyes. There were so many things I could do with it, whether it be paper airplanes or a picture of me and my family. But as I’ve grown older I find myself staring at it for hours at a time more often than not. I get in this slump of too many opportunities for my brain to sort through, and nothing ends up looking or sounding quite right. I’ve gotten many tips on how to take away the page’s power over me but I always seem to find myself at my desk with my pencil hovering over it. It’s not that I don’t enjoy creating, usually it’s starting that stumps me. Continue reading “The battle against the blank page”