New Year

It’s a new year, and many of us dreading our families, because let’s be honest there’s that one person in every family that you can’t just stand. That one that can just get under your skin, annoy you and you just want to avoid them, but then they always end up finding you at the family event and after spending two weeks or so with them you just are like “god I hate my family,” because for a slight moment you do. You may really love your family and love being around them, but the truth is after spending two weeks with them (not always by choice) you have moments when you just can’t stand them. The truth is even though you may not be able to stand them in that very moment you know that they are your family and that you love them. The holidays can do well by us, let’s be honest, funny thing is when it comes to spending time with family, you can learn a lot about yourself.
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Healing with Stones Part 1

Brief history of stones and their meanings:

Ancient Egyptian jewelry had a lot of meaning not just the stones but what types of metals that were worn and the styles of jewelry. Placement, color and quantity of jewelry were all symbolic and  very important at that time. Some examples of their uses are:

-Green was thought to promote good fertility and good crop yields.

-The color of the necklaces worn by the recently deceased was red in order to satisfy the Goddess Isis’s craving for blood.

Symbolic motives were equally as important as color. Here are the colors of the 7 major chakras and some meanings of  the colors. Continue reading “Healing with Stones Part 1”

Nova is not edgy??

Hey Nova, before the break I started a little poll around the school, random students and teachers chose which superpowers they would rather have. It was a cliche poll yes, but I am a free man and I do what I want. It was kind of an eye-opener for me: I suddenly have respect for people who design polls and questionnaires. It’s far more difficult than it would appear. Continue reading “Nova is not edgy??”

Holiday Spirit

Generally, the Holiday Spirit is a rather peaceful creature. So long as stores begin to sell Christmas related stuff the instant that Halloween leaves, it is usually appeased. However, this year, the Fred Meyer on 85th and 3rd was exactly 32 seconds late putting up their Christmas display, enraging the spirit. The spirit flew into a rage upon this transgression, and is currently on a rampage down the west coast. After the first fifteen minutes of devouring everyone in sight and transmuting children into piles of candy canes, it began to express further anger at the lack of diversity in storefront holiday displays, sending it deeper into its rage. “Why is it always Christmas,” it bellowed, stuffing an unfortunate retail worker ablaze with purple flame, “Can’t there be just one Hanukkah display for me to destroy? C’mon guys, there’s more than one holiday this time of year you know,” it continued, devouring the manager of the store whole. Continue reading “Holiday Spirit”

Getting Things Done During The Sad And Gloomy Winter Months (dealing with s.a.d.)


(I’m going to start this article just by making a disclaimer that these tips are only what I know to help/have gathered from my own experience. Of course it’s going to feel different for everyone, so take it as you will)

This time of the year brings upon a gloomy sort of feeling for a lot of us, especially when it comes to getting things done. It can feel discouraging, but as someone who has dealt with a whole lot of these feelings in the past, I’ve come across a few things that help me when staying in bed seems like the only good option. Hopefully they can come to use to you too. Continue reading “Getting Things Done During The Sad And Gloomy Winter Months (dealing with s.a.d.)”

Different Forms of Propaganda

By: Fiona, Gio, Gabriel, Naveed, and Ellen

In my U.S. History class we recently did a project on different forms of propaganda. This was a group project, which I did with Fiona, Gio, Gabriel, and Naveed. We covered four different topics that talk about the different forms of propaganda. Fiona talked about different types of propaganda; I looked at different video propaganda, when it comes to campaigns; Gabriel looked at the differences between the elephant and donkey and the meaning behind them; Gio looked up crazy propaganda;, and, Naveed looked at old campaign ads.  All four of us wrote reflections on our topics, so we thought we would share them on NovaKnows. Continue reading “Different Forms of Propaganda”

An Encounter with a new perspective


One night after work I decided to treat myself by getting an Uber cab home. I did not know at the time this encounter would be an eye-opening experience to a new perspective. My uber cab driver who was Muslim himself spoke of how science and religion were not and could not be the same thing. At that time I thought ”Well yeah.”; I didn’t fully understand what he meant until the next day in my gothic fiction class when we were talking about Frankenstein and a guest speaker told us how the basics of chemistry originated from alchemy and how there are different types of alchemy. Our guest speaker told us that alchemy includes a form that was practiced as a religion and a form of “magic”. There were some people that would put on shows and would perform a “magic trick” using chemistry. Continue reading “An Encounter with a new perspective”