Spoken Word

Spoken word is a beautiful, empowering medium, but it is also intimidating. It challenges poets to articulate complex feelings with style, rhythm, and meaning, and convey them theatrically to an audience. While writing poetry is daunting enough on its own, the notion of performing it on a stage can deter even more people from giving it a try.

Another Alternative School


Here at Nova we know how important it is to find a school that’s a good fit for each of our individual learning styles and needs. I know myself and many of you found just the right school at Nova but I was interested in getting to know what it’s like at some other alternative high schools. I interviewed my friend Elizabeth, a junior at Northshore Networks, a public partial-homeschooling network in Bothell, about what her school experience is like.

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Escape Rooms


You’re locked in a room with only an hour to find the hidden clues around you and piece them together to find the key to your release. While it may sound like like something from a movie it is in fact one of the most popular and fast-growing segments of the real-life gaming industry. The premise of escape rooms is simple: you get locked in a room with puzzles and clues integrated into the design of the decorations and furnishings that you and your team must solve to find your way out before the hour on the clock is up. These immersive gaming experiences are gaining popularity all over the globe and can be found in many different countries, from the US to the UK to China and beyond.

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Horses for Therapy

Therapy is one of the many things horses are used for, including emotional as well as physical therapy. I will talk about different kinds of horse therapy and why they are important for certain people, as well as talk a little bit about a therapeutic riding center that I know about.

Sherlock Holmes for children


Sherlock Holmes is one of the most recognizable and beloved of all fictional characters. He has inspired much of the forensics used today and has given us many of the aspects and iconography of the modern fictional detective. In addition to these contributions, he has one of the largest and oldest fanbases. Ever since the first Sherlock Holmes stories were published in the late Victorian period, people have been enamored with the genius detective and his loyal friend and biographer, Dr. John Watson. Many fans love of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s original characters and stories started at a very young age through children’s television, movies, and books. These versions range from loyal adaptations of the original stories to ponies in deerstalkers “smoking” bubble pipes. But no matter what, they prove that no one is too young to enjoy the adventures of The Great Detective. Continue reading

Conformation of a Horse


Conformation of a horse is the way a horse is built. Different breeds are built differently, which is why different breeds look and move differently. This is also why people prefer certain breeds for certain disciplines of riding. There are also conformation faults, which are certain conformation traits that are typically undesirable in a horse. I will talk about all of these things in this article, as well as how confirmation of different horses affects them.

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Washington State Age Of Consent Laws

I’ve heard a lot of discussion lately about age differences in relationships, especially at Nova. These conversations include a lot of things: if age difference in romantic relationships is ethical, whose responsibility it is to make sure the younger person feels safe, and so on. But what most conversations seem to boil down to is the age of consent in Washington state and what age differences are and aren’t okay legally. Continue reading



The clear sound of steel against steel rung out in the night. The shipyard was deserted save for the two combatants and their Masters. The concrete beneath their feet cracked and exploded from the power the blows released as cursed spear clashed against holy blade. The air itself was rent apart from the speed they moved. The two beings beyond human limitation moved in a dance of death.

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