Photography lover?

Photography lover?   There are so many different kinds of photography, so what kind do you do? here’s a list of different types people do! Please comment and share what kinds you do or what is your favorite kind and why? For this article I interviewed a teacher who has great knowledge of these types […]

Good in goodbye

Good In Goodbye I know it’s tough, having to live like this— I know you sacrifice your own happiness for him— I know that this isn’t the way you want to live— Yet you see there’s no way out, And he keeps you down— I know what it’s like to want to fall out of […]

Lorien Legacies

The Lorien Legacies Review The Revenge Of Seven In the fourth installment of the Lorien Legacies by Pittacus Lore, The Revenge Of Seven, continues to bring unanswered questions, exciting discoveries ,and placing those missing pieces of the series into place. From book one: I am number Four, to the newest installment of 2014, it has […]

The New Wednesday

As everyone at school knows, Wednesdays went under a radical change this semester. In previous years, the time was blocked out for students to participate in activities, and historically the school was involved in social justice on Wednesdays. A long, long time ago the day where social justice was worked on was Fridays, but students […]