The Misconceptions of Nova

There is no denying that Nova is a controversial school. Due to our alternative outlook on education and social aspects, many people shy away from us because of things they have heard. Before I came here I was overflowed with people telling me why I shouldn’t go here. When I was trying to get other friends here they would tell me how their parents wouldn’t allow them to go because they didn’t think it was a good school for their education. Now that I am a student at Nova, I am ready to debunk just about every misconception I heard about Nova. I went around and asked some other students some of the craziest misconceptions they’ve heard about Nova as well. Continue reading “The Misconceptions of Nova”

Committees are important: go to one.

One of the coolest things about Nova are its committees, sadly not everyone goes to them, on a regular basis (or at all) but I don’t really think it’s worth it to be angry at those people. Instead I want to convince them about why they should go to them. Continue reading “Committees are important: go to one.”

Ever wondered what Nova was like 10-15 years ago?

I interviewed one of our LA teachers, Debbie, to see what Nova has been like through her perspective.

First impression of Nova?

Short answer: Nova was the first institution I had been in that felt like it told truth. Long answer: I came here for the first time in the spring of 1996 to spend a week of service learning for my teacher ed program. The language arts teacher, Barbara Osborne, had me work on a project with students making a Free Store. It was in the closet of what is now Julia’s room. I was daunted by the students–they seemed way cooler than the kids I went to high school with, indeed than even the adults I was friends with at the time. But I got to know them and became less intimidated over time. Continue reading “Ever wondered what Nova was like 10-15 years ago?”

The Ever-returning Classes

As many of you are aware, classes have recently resumed. As always, the ritual undergone by those brave enough to be sacrificed to the machine beneath the school was successful, and now that the gears have been successfully lubricated with the fluids of those devoted souls, classes have begun. There will be a small celebration honoring those sacrificed to Reftgyt, The Starving Machine and Lord of Gears, whose eldritch clockwork endlessly twists and clatters onward, allowing  classes to move forward and take place throughout the day. Masks and robes will be provided, but feel free to bring your own. Please note that there is a list for those wishing to bring food or offerings, as last year’s celebration has put us on thin ice with the Lord of Gears, after we accidentally sent it a gallon of goat’s blood instead of its preferred beverage: Diet Dr. Pepper. Of course, the offenders were torn to shreds and devoured by thousands of hungry insects, who were then burned together in a ritual pyre, so that their souls may experience infinite suffering at the hands of the other eldritch entities that oftentimes interact with our great school. Continue reading “The Ever-returning Classes”

Welcome Back Grass

While sitting outside enjoying my morning cup of joe, I noticed that there was a large amount of clover attacking our tomato plants. Of course I immediately got up and started clearing out our vegetable plot. I found the source of the problem coming from the fairy garden and proceeded to rip out its deep roots. While walking to the yard waste bin I realized that our path was filled in a lot more this year. With moss and clovers and…. GRASS? I knew my mom would not be happy with this so I took a clump of grass out and started to walk again. But suddenly I realized, I in fact did not need to get rid of this grass, I could reuse this lively little patch of grass and fill in a missing patch of grass in our grass circle. So I put the grass back with the grass and to settle it in a little I gave it a drink of water and went on my merry way knowing that it’d re-root itself and become one with the rest of the grass. All-in-all, it was a productive day in terms of cleaning up and tending to the garden.

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Know us by our numbers

When I decided to sign up for Mike’s class, Know Us By Our Numbers, I had mixed emotions about it. I needed the AGE (American Government and Economics) credit to graduate, and I knew I really enjoyed Mike’s classes. But a statistics class? It sounded more like math than a class I could get AGE credit in. When I learned that students could receive history, math, and AGE credit for this class I had this vision in my head of a day devoted to history, a day devoted to math, a day devoted to American government, and just alternating days like this. I figured for ⅓ of the semester I would be frustrated because I wouldn’t be studying American government. But I gave it a chance, because it was Mike, and I knew that his classes were not only challenging and fun, but also never what you expect. My initial thoughts about frustration ended up being totally wrong and I can say I wholeheartedly enjoyed this class. Continue reading “Know us by our numbers”

New Nova Dog?

A unique feature of Nova is its dogs. Currently there a four that regularly visit Nova. Harvey, Mo, Dakota, and Jobi can be seen following their respective owners (who are all teachers), chilling in classrooms, or letting students pet them. Melissa, one of Nova’s beloved humanities teachers, is considering bringing in her own addition to the Nova dog family in September. Continue reading “New Nova Dog?”

Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?

The 1968 science-fiction masterpiece Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep by American writer Philip K. Dick is a brilliant novel and a good read. It plays with moral philosophy, philosophy of self, ethics of artificial intelligence and hints at the nature of reality. Of course the biggest themes in the book are empathy and what does it mean to be human. All of these combine with an intriguing story to make Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep a thought provoking and compelling work of both science and philosophical fiction. Continue reading “Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?”

Wallflowers in The Urban Jungle: Zootopia

   If there’s anything media in recent years has taught me, it’s to love the rejects. Embrace the strange, love the odd ones, take into your heart the wallflowers. It amazes me how in our media everyone has come to love the people who think they won’t amount to anything. I would say nerd, but I don’t think the main characters in Zootopia qualify as “nerds” It’s quite a different parallel from a decade, say, like the 80s. Where it seemed like only the good-looking people won the day, got the girl, and had a bright future. The reject almost always got a wedgie and a detention. But it seems like nowadays, the nerds, geeks and rejects rule the world. I know I’m not complaining, I’m one of them. Continue reading “Wallflowers in The Urban Jungle: Zootopia”