The Ferrari Collection

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So the other day I was browsing an online magazine website that I usually go to for the latest trends and news on anything thats going on in the world. I came across an interesting post/article. It was about a man in his late 70s living in Greenville, Tennessee in a small city with a […]

Band Room Brief 2014-15

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Band Room Brief 2014-2015 It is now the 2014-15 school year, which means students can again participate in committees at Nova. There are many committees to choose from, including governing committees such as Mothership, Budget, or physical activities like Dodgeball and Three-Way-Soccer. This article will focus on Band committee, and the Band Room in general. […]

Review of Operation Breakout

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Operation Breakout is a new DLC for Valve software’s Counter Strike:Global Offensive. It is free to all players of CS:GO. It contains 6 maps and 59 weapons skins made by the Counter Strike Community. These maps will be playable until October 2nd and then will be removed from the game. In previous Operation DLC packs […]

Review of Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

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MONSTER HUNTER, HUNTING MONSTERS, KILLING MONSTERS, WEARING MONSTERS. I love Monster Hunter. What could be more fun than hunting down a big scary dragon and making a fancy hat out of said monster? Monster Hunter is a 1-4 player cooperative game about hunting monsters. There isn’t much of a storyline. It’s all about gameplay that […]

Crossroads June 16, 17, 18

Monday, June 16 – Movie Pajama day at NOVA (there will be movies playing in different classrooms–students should come spend time with friends watching movies and celebrating the end of the year together)  Tuesday (June 17) and Wednesday (June 18) – a combo of activities and crossroads conversations about next year at NOVA.  There will […]

Crossroads reviewed: June 4

Last week, on June 4th, we discussed quite a few things. This year’s Crossroads may have not been the most efficient one (of course, I’ll have to wait and see), but it also was my first time attending, and we definitely discussed some important things that staff will hopefully take into account when designing schedules. […]

A Discussion on The “Citizen Kane” Standard

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Lately, I’ve been hearing a bit about the Citizen Kane standard, especially applied to video gaming. For those of you who don’t know, Citizen Kane is apparently the best movie of all time. In my personal, subjective opinion, if it’s the best movie, then I’d hate to see the worst movie. I actually fell asleep […]